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When buying car, a Pre-Purchase Inspection is essential to be sure of the condition of your next vehicle. To get a more complete picture of your vehicle, please book our Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection.

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A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is carried out for a vehicle being sold either by private sale or through a motor car trader. Comprehensive vehicle inspections are the most complete survey of your vehicle. Highton Automotive Service can perform Pre-Purchase Inspections and Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections that are accredited by RACV. Call us for a free estimate or make an appointment online!

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Highton Automotive Service mechanics will carry out a detailed visual inspection, an engine test and a road test on your vehicle. Concluding the inspection, we provide a detailed report with the information you need to make an informed decision.

To arrange a Pre-Purchase Inspection, make an appointment online or call us now!

Because of limited access, the level of complexity or specialised tools and equipment required, there are some vehicles that we cannot inspect, or can only conduct a comprehensive inspection on.

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections are the most complete survey of your vehicle and checks even more components of the vehicle than a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

Where possible, the car is placed on a hoist for our inspectors to have greater visibility of components and increased accessibility of the undercarriage.

Car wheels are removed to allow access to braking components for an inspection, and the lining size and disc thickness are measured against industry standards.

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Please note: The vehicle inspection is based on a visual external examination of components only. Components are not dismantled to examine internal parts. Some vehicle faults can be diagnosed only by dismantling the engine or are intermittent in operation and not evident from an external examination at the time of inspection.

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